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System to collect water infiltrations

 Floor drain for waste water drainage stainless steel drainage system - sistema-raccolta-acqua image

Product description

Stainless steel Aisi 304 system, designed to collect and drain wastewater coming from infiltrations. It can be installed in impermeabilizations or gaiters, completed with drainpipe for independent drain line. 
The system is composed by a 20 mm height and 2 mm thick vessel. The surface is square and measures 470x470 mm, with rounded angles, welded to drains or vertical drainpipe. Four fixing tabs guarantee perfect fastening to the floor. It’s preset with a d.40 drain and can be connected to the drainpipe or independent drainage system to avoid reflux between the gaiter and the floor.
 Floor drain for waste water drainage stainless steel drainage system - sistema-raccolta-acqua disegno

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